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spiritual healing after abortion

Melissa Ohden: Surviving abortion to shine God’s light

Cradle My Heart Radio | Melissa Ohden interview 2-19-2017 Podcast playback. Listen now Melissa Ohden’s story has finally come full circle. She found out when she was a teenager that she had survived an attempted saline abortion. She faced that devastating fact with the help of a loving and supportive adoptive family. But there were many questions about

Steadfast in hope after abortion, especially during Advent

Theresa Bonopartis has served for more than two decades helping people recover after abortion. Her heart bespeaks God’s love. I first met Theresa in 2003 when I answered God’s call and presented postabortion healing conferences in the Minneapolis area. Theresa reached out to me from her home base in New York to offer support and encouragement.

Standing with women against abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Janet Morana week of May 1 Every year over one million American women choose abortion because they have been told that it is “safer than childbirth.” They are told they need abortion to protect their economic well-being. The legal right to an abortion is further built on the unfounded belief

John Ensor: from local pastor to international pregnancy help advocate

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes John Ensor the week of April 17, 2016 As you ponder the scope of lives lost due to induced abortion, it can be sobering to note that in the US there are over one million abortions annually. But that number pales compared to the death toll in China, where due to the

Serrin Foster: Feminists declare women deserve better than abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio | Serrin Foster airs April 3, 2016 Podcast playback. Listen now: Is it possible to be feminist and pro-life? For some the answer is “yes, but” only if you support abortion rights. Yet even as the question of pro-life feminism is still being pondered by the next generation of women leaders, abortion

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