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Abortion can make men victims-and heroes

Cradle My Heart Radio  welcomes Jason Jones Jason Jones (podcast here) is joining us this week to share his story of how abortion can make victims of men. Jason suffered lost fatherhood in a devastating case of forced abortion involving his high school sweetheart. He’ll also share the hope embedded in his story: even after suffering

When your abortion is someone else’s Choice

According to wikicommons: “In 1614, Cambridge needed a new water supply. Thomas Hobson built a causeway bringing water from springs at Nine Wells into the city centre. . . Hobson made his money hiring out horses, but hirers had to take the horse closest to the door. This led to the expression “Hobson’s Choice” meaning

When abortion is no choice at all

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Reggie Littlejohn 2-24-13 at 9 p ET [UPDATE podcast posted 2-25-13] Reggie Littlejohn is a name that should be on the lips of every feminist and women’s advocate around the world. She is a champion of women in China where the One Child Policy has led to violence, human rights violations

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