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Denise Mountenay on abortion’s harm to women and children

Denise Mountenay on Cradle My Heart Radio If you listen long enough and often enough to pro-abortion rhetoric, you form an image of a woman exercising agency, feeling empowered, making her own choices and marching through life unencumbered by the pressures to conform to the will of others. Ahem. All that is needed to destroy that myth

Choosing life when the doctors push for abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio | Lisa Smiley interview airs 12-4-16 Podcast playback. Listen now: Maybe you’ve seen her viral video”It’s a Baby!” making the common sense case for respecting and protecting the lives of children before they are born. But you very likely are not prepared to hear Lisa Smiley’s testimony of finding God’s love in the

New Feminism making abortion obsolete

An encore presentation with Leah Jacobsen on Cradle My Heart Radio week of November 27 Happy Thanksgiving! This year we are so grateful for those who are working so tirelessly to make abortion unneeded. That’s an ambitious goal. To accomplish it, true help and support is required, not just to see a pregnancy through, but to nurture women

This dad found life-saving hope after doctors said her pregnancy would kill his wife

Kirk Barker on Cradle My Heart Radio week of October 2 Kirk Barker readily admits that he had no faith in God. And maybe that’s why the faith he and his wife placed in her doctors left them devastated. Kirk’s wife Chass was sick and getting sicker each week the pregnancy progressed. And then the doctors said the

SCOTUS Hellerstedt ruling an anti-woman affront to common sense

Focus on the Family’s legal expert on Cradle My Heart Radio week of July 31 It’s been a month since the Supreme Court ruled that legislation duly passed by the State of Texas was unconstitutional. But what really happened when SCOTUS threw out Texas abortion safety standards? Focus on the Family issued this statement from judicial analyst

Perfectionism traps women before and after abortion choice

Lauren Roman featured on Cradle My Heart Radio week of June 19 Lauren Roman’s story resonates with so many young women who chose abortion as problem-solving, only to find life issues compounded in the aftermath. Her pregnancy at age 19 threatened her education and future acting career so she went along with a plan that she knew in

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