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Snopes on abortion and breast cancer: dated, unscientific disservice to women

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Dr. Joel Brind on the Abortion Breast Cancer link 2-12-17 UPDATE: The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute’ Fact Sheet – Epidemiologic Studies: Induced Abortion and the Breast Cancer Link Updated November 2013 linked here. posted a story on Feb. 3, 2017 stating that reports of studies proving a link between abortion

Eve Sanchez Silver on abortion’s particular danger to women of color

Eve Sanchez Silver on Cradle My Heart Radio week of January 29 Knowing that abortion is disproportionately harming African-Americans and Latinas, Eve Silver says, “Preserving life is my responsibility. Minority lives, from birth to natural death, my focus.” Silver is a breast cancer researcher, formerly with the Komen organization, and now speaking up on the abortion-breast cancer link. She

Why you still don’t know about the Abortion Breast Cancer link

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes bioethicist and breast cancer researcher Eve Sanchez Silver on Sunday August 11 [UPDATE: 8-12-13 podcast posted] Eve Sanchez Silver is a woman who, like me, was soundly prochoice in her worldview as a teen and twenty-something. Her two abortions and subsequent breast cancer were only part of the journey to

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