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He was targeted for death by abortion, but lived to tell the story

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Henry Flowers the week of March 20 Born in Grand Rapids and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Henry Flowers IV is an overcomer of overwhelming odds while growing up in a poverty stricken, fatherless home. He is now making efforts to turn the tables and light the path that leads to safe,

Scandal raises the question: Is God present during an abortion?

Olivia Pope’s teachable moment ABC’s Scandal portrayed an abortion in network prime-time last week, and the reaction was swift and predictable. Progressives and abortion rights advocates praised the episode, hailing a frank portrayal of an empowered woman aborting because she simply didn’t want a child. Conservatives called it propaganda for Planned Parenthood. And Christians uniformly expressed disgust over setting the

Why oppose Planned Parenthood? What’s the big deal?

Here’s why a Christian cannot support any organization which engages in the taking of innocent human life It all sounds so reasonable. Some Christians say, “Poor women need basic reproductive medical care; they may need the ocassional abortion. The compassionate thing to do is provide it at low cost and redeem it by donating the

Cradle My Heart Radio – Georgette Forney breaking abortion silence

Join us Sunday October 7 on Cradle My Heart Radio with our guest Georgette Forney of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Georgette is working to expose and heal the secrecy and silence surrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion. This Christian campaign reaches out to people hurt after abortion, encouraging them to attend after-care programs,

Every abortion a failure of some kind

One of the hardest things about life after abortion is facing the reality of failure. Every abortion represents a failure of some kind. Often we find our relationships have failed–partners or parents press the choice. We may have to come to terms with the failure of the precautions we thought would protect us from ever

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