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Cleaning up Alabama’s back alley

Cradle My Heart Radio was there with The Selma Project for Life marching to shut down an illegal abortion operation In June 2015 Catherine Davis led The Selma Project for Life–a rally and march across Pettus Bridge to issue a call for state and local governments to enforce civil and criminal laws against abortionists. The failure of

RJ at Selma50: Selling abortion to the next generation as reproductive justice

Let’s talk about selling abortion to the next generation as “reproductive justice” or RJ. At the recent Selma50 March, Planned Parenthood marched for RJ. They were protesting Alabama’s laws requiring minors to involve parents in abortion decisions and for women to have informed consent. Because, you know, involving parents of minor children and informing women about

Alveda King – Authentic truth about abortion’s aftermath

Cradle My Heart Radio features an encore presentation with noted civil rights and prolife activist Alveda King on Sunday, Dec. 28 Merry Christmas to you from Cradle My Heart Radio! We will be home for the holiday and presenting an encore of our visit earlier this year with Alveda King. It is fitting to welcome her message at

Alveda King: Ending Abortion by Advancing Life as a Civil Right

Cradle My Heart Radio podcast features civil rights and prolife activist Alveda King. Plus listener mail on how and when to share your abortion story, and overcoming the urge for a replacement chilld. (Originally aired in August, 2014) Defenders of abortion rights often use language that evokes the great struggle for civil rights in America–they speak of reproductive

Is black genocide a myth?

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Alveda King Sunday June 16 at 9 pm ET [UPDATE: podcast posted 6-17-13] One of the strongest voices to shed light on the devastation abortion has brought to black Americans is Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate and Director of African American Outreach with Priests for Life and Founder of King

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