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When a Christian chooses abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Sheila Harper the week of June 21, 2015 Podcast spotlight 3-28-17  Listen now: Having Christian faith is no guarantee that you won’t ever choose abortion. But acting against your own beliefs can make recovery that much more challenging. Sheila Harper knows this firsthand. Although she had a difficult early childhood, including

Cleaning up Alabama’s back alley

Cradle My Heart Radio was there with The Selma Project for Life marching to shut down an illegal abortion operation In June 2015 Catherine Davis led The Selma Project for Life–a rally and march across Pettus Bridge to issue a call for state and local governments to enforce civil and criminal laws against abortionists. The failure of

Here’s what you need to know about abortion and racism

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Catherine Davis discussing abortion and race October 26 Catherine Davis is a community activist and human resources professional who has a heart for black women and families. Her message is that public health statistics prove abortion is disproportionately impacting women of color, and most especially black women. Catherine has spoken out

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