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Denise Mountenay on abortion’s harm to women and children

Denise Mountenay on Cradle My Heart Radio If you listen long enough and often enough to pro-abortion rhetoric, you form an image of a woman exercising agency, feeling empowered, making her own choices and marching through life unencumbered by the pressures to conform to the will of others. Ahem. All that is needed to destroy that myth

Why you still don’t know about the Abortion Breast Cancer link

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes bioethicist and breast cancer researcher Eve Sanchez Silver on Sunday August 11 [UPDATE: 8-12-13 podcast posted] Eve Sanchez Silver is a woman who, like me, was soundly prochoice in her worldview as a teen and twenty-something. Her two abortions and subsequent breast cancer were only part of the journey to

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