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7-6-17 Miriam Grossman MD on the problems inherent in comprehensive sex ed

6-25-17 Wendy Schettig with an emotional story of spiritual healing and recovery after abortion

6-18-17 Tom Lothamer shares the work of pregnancy help centers

6-11-17 Zach McClellan on abortion and millenial men

6-4-17 Terry Beatley recounts her interview with America’s ‘abortion king’ Bernard Nathanson

5-21-17 Allison Bottke with help for emotional recovery after abortion

5-14-17 Nina Fuller supporting families adopting children with special needs

5-7-17 Sue Deweiler on prayer that moves mountains

4-30-17 Sherrie Eldridge on adoption and adoptees

4-23-17 Victoria Hearst on how Cosmo Hurts Kids and listener calls on how hookup culture damages young women and girls

4-9-17 Stuart Migdon, producer of the film Voiceless, on speaking up for the unborn

4-2-17 Monica Kelsey on rescuing babies through safe haven laws

3-26-17 Steve Siler on his music and devotionals project for healing after abortion, Mercy Great Enough

3-19-17 Nancy Valko on pro-life nurses and abortion sanctuary cities

3-12-17 Dan Becker of Personhood Alliance helping victims of rape by Boko Haram after family rejection

3-5-17 Kelsey Vander Vliet after abortion failed she made a better choice

2-26-17 Walter Hoye on Black History from the Pro-Life Perspective

2-19-17 Melissa Ohden on surviving abortion and meeting the birthmother who never knew she was alive.

2-12-17 Researchers Joel Brind and Eve Silver on the evidence for the abortion breast cancer link and why it remains controversial

2-5-17 Ann McElhinney on her new book Gosnell portraying abortion as true crime.

1-29-17 Eve Sanchez Silver abortion, breast cancer and women of color

1-22-17 Christina Bennett saved from abortion now saving lives

1-15-17 Denise Mountenay on covering up abortion’s public health impact

1-8-17 Callie Jett let’s talk about adoption

1-1-17 (Encore) Amy Ford of Embrace Grace welcoming unwed mothers to church

12-11-16 Sheridan Mate chose life when the world said it would mean the end of her dreams

12-4-16 Lisa Smiley chose life when the doctors pushed for her to terminate

11-28-16 (Encore) Leah Jacobson on new wave feminism making abortion obsolete

11-20-16 Steve Karlen on the latest 40 Days for Life campaign

11-13-16 Encore presentation of Lauren Roman on overcoming perfectionism as a root of abortion

11-6-16 Joe Langfeld of Human Life Alliance on prolife campus resources

10-30-16 Abby Johnson changing hearts of the most ardent abortion supporters–those working inside the clinics, and discussing prolife apologetics

10-23-16 Jewels Green Part II how the truth of abortion led Jewels to faith in Jesus Christ

10-16-16 Jewels Green Part I on her coerced abortion as a teen and working in the abortion industry

10-9-16 Bryan Kemper on mobilizing the Prolife Generation

10-2-16 Kirk Barker‘s wife rejected medical advice to save her life through abortion

9-25-16 Reverend Samuel Rodriguez on the inherent racism in abortion

9-18-16 Bette Noble experienced abortion, adoption and motherhood, all in one pregnancy

9-11-16 Ben Domenech of The Federalist and his vision of The Party of Life

8-28-16 Leah Jacobson on New Feminism and the next wave of the pregnancy help movement

8-28-16 Leah Jacobson on New Feminism and the next wave of the pregnancy help movement

8-21-16 Bruce Marchiano, producer and star of the pro-life film Alison’s Choice

8-14-16 Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries on effective rescue efforts and protest outside abortion centers

8-7-16 Jonathan Schroeder on the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod position on the gospel and abortion

7-31-16 Bruce Hausknecht of Focus on the Family on the Supreme Court and what’s next

7-24-16 Michael C Sherrard on the Pro-Life Pastors Initiative

7-17-16 Dr. Theresa Burke Pt 2 healing abortion grief and trauma

7-10-13 Dr. Theresa Burke Pt 1 – how flawed research risks women’s mental health after abortion

6-26-16 Kathy Gray and Lisa Thomas share their stories of redemption and hope

6-19-16 Lauren Roman on overcoming the drive to perfection that often leads to abortion

6-12-16 Rosaria Butterfield on the pro-choice mindset among LGBT community and Camille Cates on the gospel hope after abortion

6-5-16 Amy Ford of Embrace Grace on welcoming unwed mothers to church

5-22-16 Abby Johnson on helping abortion workers leave the industry and Megan Almon on pro-life apologetics

5-15-16 Shari Richard on pioneering ultrasound to change hearts and minds and save unborn life.

5-8-16 Dan Kulp on adopting children with special needs

5-1-16 Janet Morana shares her story of grandparent’s grief after abortion

4-24-16 Paul Isaac with a new model for saving women and babies from abortion using ultrasound

4-17-16 John Ensor of Passion Life broadens our understanding of abortion outside the US.

4-10-16 Dawn Scott Damon shares the connection between abortion and abuse.

4-3-16 Serrin Foster of Feminists for Life

3-20-16 Henry Flowers was targeted for abortion but now helps young men stand against it

3-13-16 Frances Beckwith of Baylor University on the logics of pro-life from Defending Life 

3-6-16 Daniel K Williams on when liberals were prolife before Roe v Wade

2-27-16 Chris Pappalardo on Christian unity on the issue of abortion

2-20-16 Princeton University Professor Robert George on defying Roe v Wade

2-13-16 Angela Bennett on pregnancy centers at the heart of the pro-life movement

2-6-16 Brad Dacus helps California pregnancy centers fight fines for failing to promote abortion

1-31-16 Catherine Davis on cleaning up Alabama’s back alley

1-24-16 Stephanie Gray on pro-life apologetics for the rising generation

1-17-16 Kelly Rosati of Focus on the Family previews the March for Life 2016

1-10-16 Jessica Slovensky addresses the FAQ’s of post-abortion counseling

1-3-16 Nancy Meyer Whittington of facing a poor prenatal diagnosis

12-20-15 Sarah Mae with her abortion story and the role our grandmothers play

12-13-15 Erin Smalley on finding peace while grieving during the holidays

12-06-15 Warren Cole Smith of the Colson Center on God’s plan for restoration

11-22-15 William Lile, MD, the Pro-Life Doc shares how visual technology affirms the full humanity of life beginning at conception

11-15-15 Kori Peterson from abortion pain to influencing public policy

11-1-15 Angela Bennett on stewarding a pregnancy care center at the heart of pro-life work

10-25-15 Cheryl Korb O’Connell on comforting others after abortion recovery

10-18-15 Briana Stensrud of Focus on the Family responds to #ShoutYourAbortion

10-11-15 10-11-15 Angelia Waite share a mother’s grief redeemed

10-4-15 Irene Beltran Zamorano of Silent No More Awareness shares her story

9-27-15 Sandy Arena on her film Arise, Sweet Sarah for post-abortion healing

9-20-15 Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life on answering Planned Parenthood

9-13-15 Charles Camosy on ending the gridlock of the abortion wars

9-6-15 Patti Smith from Silent No More Awareness overcoming self-destructive behaviors after abortion

8-30-15 Debby Efurd on finding the hidden community of those impacted by abortion

8-23-15 Sarah Mae with hope for teens after abortion, and the importance of grandmothers in the decision.

8-16-15 Wayne Stiles EVP at Insight for Living on the value of Waiting on God

8-9-15 Scott Klusendorf of Life Training Institute on building the Case for Life

8-2-15 Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life on the undercover Planned Parenthood videos

7-26-14 Ann McIlhenny of the Gosnell Movie and pro-life Ob-Gyn Dr. Freda Bush

7-19-15 Cynthia Ruchti on the beauty of God mending our hearts

6-28-15 Star Parker of Urban Cure talks about abortion as a racial issue.

6-21-15 Sheila Harper of Save One and press conference from The Selma Project for Life feat. Catherine Davis, Alveda King, Star Parker, Dr. Freda Bush, Charmaine Yoest and Father Terry Gensemer

6-14-15 Catherine Davis provides details of The Selma Project for Life and Ann McIlhenny relates her prison visit with convicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

6-7-15 Cindy Brunk of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign shares her story.

5-31-13 Rita Schulte on healing our hearts after surviving shattering losses

5-17-15 Kim Wilson on the cultural value of abstinence beyond our personal relationships

5-3-15 Catherine Coyle researcher and psychologist on the impact of abortion on men.

4-26-15 Trent Horn on being persuasively pro-life and a discussion of how our views on the life issue evolve over time–to now granting personhood rights to chimps but not unborn humans.

4-19-15 Shari Rigby of October Baby discusses her new book and doctors’ groups weigh in on lingering scientific controversies

4-12-15 Frederica Mathewes-Green on offering women a real choice for problem pregnancy and a discussion of Cosmopolitan magazine’s “investigation” of the pregnancy help movement.

4-05-15 Al and Lisa Robertson part 2 and a discussion of marketing abortion as a spa experience

3-29-15 Al and Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty on surviving abortion and marital infidelity

3-22-15 Clarke Forsythe of Americans United for Life on the backstory of Roe v Wade and how the Supreme Court abused discretion

2-15-15 Linda and Chuck Raymond of Silent No More Awareness Campaign in Missouri

2-8-15 Jim Lamb of Lutherans for Life on Jesus the Zygote and Healing Broken Hearts.

2-1-15 Chuck Donovan of the Lozier Institute on improving abortion reporting and research

1-25-15 Bioethicist Gerard Nadal, PhD and Silent No More Awareness Speaker Leslie Blackwell

1-18-15 Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America and Janet Morana on grandparents grieving abortion

1-11-15 Donna Rice of Gendersave on rescuing abortion in India, and Nicole Peck of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign

1-4-15 Trudy Johnson on counseling child loss after abortion as voluntary pregnancy termination.

12-21-14 Ann McElhinney on the Gosnell Movie as a true crime story.

12-7-14 Ravi Zacharias keynote playback from Heartbeat International’s 2014 Annual Conference

11-23-14 Walter Hoye of Issues4Life and Jody Duffy from Silent No More

11-16-14 Jeannie Scott Smith shares her story and ministry and Nancy Tanner from Silent No More

11-9-14 Jessica Slovensky on counseling after abortion and Beatrice Fedor from Silent No More Awareness Campaign

10-15-14 Let Love Love You CD Launch Party on New Mornings with Pete Chagnon on NewLife FM

11-2-14  Jason Jones on lost fatherhood and why our future rests on the abortion issue.

10-26-14 Catherine Davis on abortion and race

10-19-14 Carla Stream on abortion and being brave

10-12-14 Tonier Cain on how treating trauma heals a chaotic past.

10-5-14 Allison Bottke on helping young women set boundaries around dating and making healthy choices.

9-28-14 Open Phones on winning the abortion battle for hearts and minds

9-21-14 Michelle Borquez on recovering our relationships and self-image after abortion.

9-7-14 Pamela Christian with help to know the truth of Scripture as pertains to abortion and other cultural issues.

8-31-14 Carol Everett former abortion provider now working to defend life by helping women and families in crisis.

8-24-14 Robin Jones Gunn  author of the Christy Miller series speaks about how young women can have healthy romance.

8-17-14 Alveda King advancing the cause of life as a civil right.

8-10-14 Rhonda Barnes ministers hope in the aftermath of abortion.

8-3-14 Vicki Thorn discussing the physiological consequences of abortion and more.

7-27-14 Catherine Adair former Planned Parenthood counselor now defending life.

7-20-14 Carol McLeod helps heal the heartbreak of multiple miscarriage.

7-13-14 Deanne Barnes connecting the homosexual lifestyle to abortion trauma and help to overcome the pain.

7-6-14 Miriam Grossman, MD exposing comprehensive sex ed.

6-29-14 Becky Thompson mommy blogger bridging the gap between miscarriage, abortion and hope.

6-22-14 Michele Pillar recording artist and actress shares her personal story of overcoming abortion in her past.

6-15-14 Kevin Burke help for fathers hurt by abortion.

6-1-14 Scott Klusendorf discussing what the Bible says about abortion and how we can know what’s true.

5-25-14 Guest Francine Rivers discusses how her personal experience informed her writing on abortion in The Atonement Child.

5-18-14 Guests Becky Greene Smith and Sonja Hegwood outline the pregnancy help movement mission.

5-11-14 Guest Kirk Walden shares his vision of building a culture of life and ending abortion.

5-4-14 Guest Camille Cates – Abstinence is a matter of the heart.

4-27-14 Open phones on the hope of heaven when a child dies and teaching our kids to grieve.

4-20-14 Guest Ray Pritchard shares a pastor’s heart on forgiveness and spiritual growth

4-13-14 Guests Lizz Curtis Higgs and Ann McElhinney

4-6-14 Guest Pam Jenkins on the Virtuous film and Bible study devotional.

3-31-14 Guest Joseph Stong on meeting the needs that motivate the abortion choice.

3-24-14 Guest “Anne” blogs about her experience at Postabortion Journey.

3-16-14 Guest Michele Pillar on Untangling the threads of God’s love in a complicated life.

3-9-14 Guest Jimmy Ray Lee of Living Free with help for overcoming a painful past.

3-2-14 Guest Ed Welch of CCEF on Shame Interrupted.

2-16-14 Guest Susie Larson discusses her book on finding Your Beautiful Purpose.

2-9-14 Guest John Barros of Who Will Stand shares stories of preaching outside an abortion clinic.

2-2-14 Laura Merriot of Save Unborn Life outlines her program of giving cash for giving birth.

1-26-14 Guest Geannie W. Morrison talks about Safe Haven laws in Texas and the US.

1-19-14 Guest Kimberly Dawn Nyborg encourages those stuck in a painful past.

1-6-14 Guest Wayne Stiles from Insight for Living on spiritual healing in context of the Holy Land history today.

12-29-13 Guest Joyce Zounis shares her story of God’s love after multiple abortions.

12-22-13 Guests Brian Fisher and Jeff Bradford of Online for Life preventing abortion and healing the hurt.

12-15-13 Guest Gail McWilliams author, speaker and inspirational leader.

12-8-13 Guest Jennifer Camp blogger and ministry leader.

12-1-13 Guest Kristin Smith of the National Memorial for the Unborn

11-24-13 Guest Julie Gorman on the truth concerning common myths about men.

11-17-13 Guest Evan Grae Davis producer of It’s a Girl Movie.

11-10-13 Guest Allison Bottke of Setting Boundaries and God Allows U-turns.

11-3-13 Guest Leslee Unruh prolife leader and abstinence educator.

10-20-13 Guests David Bereit of 40 Days for Life and Brian and Denise Walker.

10-13-13 Guest Janet Morana author of Recall Abortion discusses the harm abortion does to women.

9-29-13 Guest Melissa Ohden on surviving a late-term abortion attempt on her life.

9-22-13 Guest Monica Miller on rescuing the unborn and giving dignity to abortion victims

9-9-13 Guest Father Frank Pavone on grieving the children throughNational Day of Remembrance

9-1-13 Guest Star Parker shares her story of abortion and breaking the cycle of poverty

8-25-13 Guest Tricia Goyer shares her story of being a teen mom and adopting later in life.

8-18-13 Guest John Devlin discussing the work of the local pregnancy center.

8-11-13 Guest Eve Sanchez Silver, founder and director of The International Coalition of Color for Life.

8-4-13 Guest Kathleen Eaton Bravo founder of prolife medical clinics.

7-28-13 Guest Greg Hasek, professional counselor on helping men overcome abortion trauma and grief.

7-21-13 Guest Julia Holcomb, artist and speaker on her story of life (and abortion) with Steven Tyler.

7-14-13 Guest Sheryl Griffin author of A Scarlett Cord of Hope with help for postabortion anxiety.

7-7-13 Guest Marta Greenman of Words of Grace and Truth on sexual abuse and abortion.

6-30-13 Guest Theresa Bonopartis of Lumina/Hope and Healing after Abortion.

6-23-13 Guests Julie and Jeff Weber discuss postabortion infertility and strengthening marriage.

6-16-13 Guest Alveda King Pastoral Associate at Priests for Life and Director of King for America.

6-9-13 Guest Kevin Burke licensed Social Worker and co-founder of Rachel’s Vineyard healing retreats for men,

6-2-13 Guest Monica on how to talk with your children about your abortion.

5-19-13 Guest Dr. Theresa Burke founder of Rachel’s Vineyard and mental health practicioner.

5-12-13 Guest Victoria Koloff author, speaker and cast member of Lifetime TV’s Preachers’ Daughters.

5-5-13 Guest Julie Ziglar Norman, author,speaker and daughter of Zig Ziglar and his editor for over 20 years.

4-28-13 Guests investigative journalist Phelim McAleer and Natl. Right to Life Committee’s Carol Tobias

4-21-13 Guests from Operation Outcry: Allan Parker, Sandra Cano and Myra Myers.

4-14-13 Guest Linda Cochrane author of Forgiven and Set Free and Nancy Kingston, Executive Director of Atlanta Pregnancy Resource Center.

4-7-13 Guest Abby Johnson author of UnPlanned, and speaker Eileen Smith whose daughter was killed by abortion.

3-24-13 Guest Sandy Arena of The Life Ballet on healing abortion through the arts.

3-17-13 Guest Dr. Gary Lovejoy of Depression Outreach on handling hurt emotions after abortion.

3-10-13 Guest Christine Morrison of 40 Days for Healing sharing prayers.

3-3-13 Guest Renee blogger at Surviving Sibling shares the message that abortion hurts siblings and others.

2-24-13 Guest Reggie Littlejohn of Womens Rights Without Frontiers on China’s One Child Policy

2-17-13 Guests John Ensor of Passion Life ministry and Christine Morrison of 40 Days for Healing

2-10-13 Guest Colleen Tronson chose abortion, parenting and adoption. She now serves as director of Metro Women’s Center in Crystal, MN a local pregnancy help center helping women choose life.

2-3-13 Guest Katy Flood shares impressions of the  March for Life from a post-abortive perspective.

1-20-13 Guests Suzanne Ward (Georgia Right to Life) and Dr. Peggy Hartshorn (Heartbeat International) on marking 40 years of Roe v. Wade.

1-13-13 Guests Jill and Kelly from the post-abortion internet reality series Surrender the Secret

1-6-13 Guest Jack Smart (and Revs. Brian and Denise Walker) on the abortion-addiction link.

12-30-12 Open Phones–sharing our stories

12-23-12 Guest Gwen Smith of Crosswalk.com’s Girlfriends in God shares her story of healing.

12-16-12 Guest Millie Lace founder of the National Helpline for Abortion Recovery.

12-9-12 Guest Rev. Paul Stallsworth of Lifewatch on how the church helps our healing after abortion.

12-2-12 Guest Pat Layton of Surrendering the Secret on healing women within the local church.

11-18-12 Guest Kurt Ramspott of Guys for Life helping men choose fatherhood and heal after abortion.

11-11-12 Guest Carol Everett from abortion provider to prolife champion.

11-4-12 Guest Melissa Ohden shares her a dramatic story of surviving a late-term abortion.

10-28-12 Guest Carmen Pate national Board Secretary of the 40 Days for Life Campaign.

10-21-12 Guest Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy Graham, speaker, author and Beliefnet blogger.

10-7-12 Guest Georgette Forney of Silent No More Awareness Campaign helping women speak out.

9-30-12 Guest Jill Stanek, nurse, blogger, and leader in the cause of defending life before birth.

9-23-12 Guest Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation–adoption not abortion, even after rape.

9-16-12 Guest Reverend Walter Hoye II founder of Issues4Life discussing racial disparity in abortion.

9-9-12 Guest Cecil Stokes, producer of the feature film October Baby.


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