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Adopting and raising 22 kids in a world going childfree by choice

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Sue Badeau September 14 at 9p ET/8p The old joke goes that the father of a large family finally got fed up when someone asked if he and his wife had planned on having their six kids. “Not really,” he said, “But at least we’ve finally figured out what’s causing

Carol Everett: From Abortion Provider to Prolife Champion

Cradle My Heart Radio airs an encore presentation of our interview with Carol Everett this Sunday August 31 at 9 pm ET  [UPDATE 9-9-14 podcast posted] Carol Everett went from abortion profiteer to a champion profoundly defending life. This is a dramatic story and one that needs to be heard as Carol outlines the strategy and

Spoken For: Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Robin Jones Gunn August 24 at 9p ET/8p [UPDATE: podcast posted 8-25-14] When we fall for the Hollywood myth that perfect romance happens as a matter of chemistry, attraction and infatuation rule our hearts and heads.  When the luster of emotion begins to fade, we begin to believe something is

Help fulfill our mission and vision – Please give today

Cradle My Heart Productions, Inc. recently received IRS approval as a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization. It took over two years for our application to receive approval. After nearly two years of faithfully offering God’s love to those hurt by abortion in our weekly radio broadcast, podcast and blogging, we can now accept financial support which

God Allows U-Turns ~ Allison Bottke

Cradle My Heart Radio | Allison Bottke interview 11-10-2013 Podcast playback. Listen now: Allison Bottke is a force of nature. With enough energy and verve to sustain a prolific career as a writer and speaker, she’s also a founder of a support group network and more. Oh, she’s also been a professional model. Yet her story is

The Price of Fame – and its Value

Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame Kim Ketola Induction 2013 I am deeply humbled and grateful to the Pavek Museum for honoring me with a place in the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Here is the text of my remarks at the September 29 Induction Ceremony: Recently USA Today ran a story on Pastor Daryl Strawberry.

Leslee Unruh – Defending life from ministry to policy

Cradle My Heart Radio | Leslee Unruh airs 11-3-13 Podcast playback. Listen now: For various reasons I resisted the “prolife” label in the beginning of my healing journey out of the prochoice mindset. My understanding of the prolife position was based on the talking points of Big Abortion. They claimed the high ground of giving women

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