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5 Fast Facts – Pro-life News Feburary 16

Get up to speed w Kim Ketola on Dr. Bill Maier Live Thursdays on Faith Radio at 6:40 am CT Fast Fact –  Science New UK research discoveries on embryonic autonomy demonstrate life begins at conception with a new autonomous human being and “[highlight] the remarkable and unanticipated self-organizing properties of human embryos,” in the absence of maternal tissues (see the

FREE Download 5 Winning Ways to Argue against Abortion . . . and a few to Avoid

This one-page reference will help you make the Case for Life This downloadable pdf helps to winningly simplify the argument by answering a few simple questions, providing evidence from science and philosophy, as well as moral reasoning and biblical truth. Also, help to avoid issues which are not central, or use them to bolster the case.

Snopes on abortion and breast cancer: dated, unscientific disservice to women

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Dr. Joel Brind on the Abortion Breast Cancer link 2-12-17 UPDATE: The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute’ Fact Sheet – Epidemiologic Studies: Induced Abortion and the Breast Cancer Link Updated November 2013 linked here. posted a story on Feb. 3, 2017 stating that reports of studies proving a link between abortion

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