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spiritual help after abortion

Steadfast in hope after abortion, especially during Advent

Theresa Bonopartis has served for more than two decades helping people recover after abortion. Her heart bespeaks God’s love. I first met Theresa in 2003 when I answered God’s call and presented postabortion healing conferences in the Minneapolis area. Theresa reached out to me from her home base in New York to offer support and encouragement.

She experienced abortion, motherhood, and adoption in one pregnancy

Bette Noble on Cradle My Heart Radio week of Sepember 18 Bette Noble was a grad student when an unintended pregnancy threatened to derail her plans and dreams for her future. She chose abortion. But life had other plans. Forty years later she was awakened from a dream with a cry of, “Mom!” ringing in her ears. The

Envisioning The Party of Life

Ben Domenech of The Federalist on Cradle My Heart Radio week of September 11 After abortion people need healing, and politics never healed a broken heart. But I’ve come to see that our hearts are healed as we take up our position to defend and fight for the rights of children yet to be born. Ben Domenech, publisher

Yes, abortion damages mental health

Encore presentation of Dr. Theresa Burke on Cradle My Heart Radio September 4 Dr. Theresa Burke is a board certified clinical psychotherapist who was leading a support group for women with eating disorders when she discovered that every woman in the group had an abortion in her past. [CORRECTION: six of the group’s eight women had abortions.] Dr.

Dear Naya Rivera, Sorry you're not sorry for abortion

Dear Naya Rivera, I read that you disclosed your abortion in People magazine as advanced publicity for your new book Sorry Not Sorry. So, I’m writing to let you know that like you, I had an abortion to protect my career when I was twenty-three too. You might object that I was just a DJ

Taking the pregnancy help movement to the next level

Leah Jacobsen on Cradle My Heart Radio week of August 28 Pregnancy help centers have been offering women a better choice than abortion for decades, first through peer counseling and free pregnancy tests, and now many with full medical staff and post-natal support. These organizations currently outnumber abortion providers in the US. Yet, women who find themselves facing an

Momma wants to know: Chickenpox vaccine and abortion?

Life issues in the news Heard from a caring momma who’s a Cradle My Heart Radio listener, looking for help on the ethics of the chickenpox vaccine. Should she have her kiddos vaccinated given that the vaccines were created using cell lines from aborted fetuses? Her Christian pediatrician agreed that there is a dilemma. The FDA has

Pro-life commentary on this week's news Aug 11

Kim Ketola commentary on life issues in the news on Dr. Bill Maier Live August 11 Catch my take on the news Thursday mornings at 6:30 CT on Faith Radio with Dr. Bill Maier Live: Simone Biles‘ adoption story as the inspiration for her Olympic greatness Why we need the proposed database on abortion to address it as

Planned Parenthood crosses the line with virtual propaganda

Brian Gibson on Cradle My Heart Radio week of August 14, 2016 Last week we covered Across the Line, a heavy-handed piece of Planned Parenthood propaganda aimed at discrediting Christians through scare tactics, unstated assumptions and guilt by association. In the film, virtual reality viewers journey with a patient to learn “what they experience as they try to access reproductive health care.” There’s

Kim Ketola on Todd Friel's Wretched Radio

What’s so funny about being pro-life? Back in the day, Todd Friel and I were colleagues in local Twin Cities radio. Todd was the same then as he is now, but pro-life truth was just dawning in my heart when he invited me to come to his home church and share my testimony of healing

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