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spiritual confusion after abortion

Carol Everett: From Abortion Provider to Prolife Champion

Cradle My Heart Radio airs an encore presentation of our interview with Carol Everett this Sunday August 31 at 9 pm ET  [UPDATE 9-9-14 podcast posted] Carol Everett went from abortion profiteer to a champion profoundly defending life. This is a dramatic story and one that needs to be heard as Carol outlines the strategy and

Overcoming infertility after abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio tackles the tough issue of infertility after abortion this Sunday June 23 at 9 pm ET. Join us  for hope and encouragement as we welcome Julie Weber, Director of Liberate Ministries. [UPDATE: podcast posted 6-24-13] Julie shares an encouraging story of overcoming the physical impact of abortion including anemia, bulimia and a Pelvic

Not just help, but healing….

"Cradle My Heart Kindle edition"

Many thanks to Heartbeat International for featuring Cradle My Heart in their newsletter Take Heart: Shelf help  Cradle My Heart: Finding God’s Love after Abortion by Kim Ketola Cradle My Heart is written out of the author’s own experience with the deep-seated pain and shame of abortion. Kim asks many thoughtful questions the reader gain insight

Abortion Epidemic in Church? The Harvest Show interview

The Harvest Show featured Cradle My Heart recently, centering the discussion on the problem of abortion in the church. One of every three American women has had an abortion by the time we reach our forties, and most (78%) report Christian faith. Christian women choose abortion every day. Does this make the church teachings irrelevant?

Former Abortionist Carol Everett Guests on Cradle My Heart 11-11-12

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Carol Everett. Listen Live Sunday 11-11-12 at 9 pm ET and call in at 1-800-811-3003 Carol Everett went from abortion profiteer to profoundly defending life. Here is her story in her own words from Carol’s Bio: My name is Carol Everett, I am the founder and president of The Heidi Group,

Holding hands during abortion?

Heart in Hands

One of the biggest barriers to finding God’s love after abortion is dealing with the issue of blame. We blame the partners and parents who failed to support us. We blame ourselves for getting pregnant in the first place. We blame God for allowing abortion to unfold in our lives. Our healing begins as we

The Beauty of Imperfection

There are no words for some of the deep emotions evoked by remembering our lost children after abortion. It seems our hearts are pierced and lifeless around the edges. Our worth as women is not defined by our childbearing–I know too many fruitful single women who fulfill God’s command to multiply Him in our world

Healing after abortion in the privacy of an e-book

"Cradle My Heart Kindle edition"

(UPDATE to an earlier post) Great news! Cradle My Heart is available as an ebook. And this week only (thru 9/28) Amazon is offering the Kindle edition for only $5. I am so excited about this because I know walking into a store and browsing books in a particular section can be a shame-filled and

You are not a lost cause after abortion

You are not a lost cause. I so needed to grasp this simple message after abortion. And the truth is that in many important ways I had already given up on myself before the abortion decision. If you had asked me at the time, I probably wouldn’t have recognized my surrender to defeat. I had

Repenting Abortion

I recently had a ministry experience which illustrated why abortion is still so common–one in three adult women and one of every teen girl in America has had an abortion. Since Christians can’t agree about the sin attached to abortion, our gridlock leaves us less and less relevant to those in need of healing and

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