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Phelim McAleer from Gosnell Trial on Cradle My Heart 4-28

Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola 4-28-13 ~ Documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer  and Carol Tobias of National Right to Life  [UPDATE: podcast posted 4-29-13] Phelim McAleer will join us to discuss his report from the front row at the Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia. He’ll share his impressions from Front Row at the Gosnell Horror Show. Perhaps

Seeking Justice after Abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola welcomes The Justice Foundation and Operation Outcry Sunday 4-21-13 [UPDATE: 4-22-13 podcast posted] Did you know that millions of women regret the abortion decision because they feel they were treated unjustly? Women say they were lied to by those who sold them the procedure. There was no full

Forgiven and Set Free on Cradle My Heart Radio

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Linda Cochrane on Sunday 4-14-13 [UPDATE: podcast posted 4-15-13] Few people have done as much to advance the cause and care of women hurt by abortion than Linda Cochrane. Linda’s Bible study “Forgiven and Set Free” has been published for seventeen years and translated into six languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese,

What really happens inside an abortion facility?

Cradle My Heart Radio | Abby Johnson and Eileen Smith interviews air 4-7-13 Podcast playback. Listen now: What really happens inside an abortion mill? Women who have had abortions know, and many of us are speaking out because of our experiences there. The world is also now hearing the horrifying answer to the question of what abortion is

Cradle My Heart Radio – healing our hearts through the arts

Cradle My Heart Radio | Sandy Arena interview airs 3-24-13 Podcast playback. Listen now: The Life Ballet is a powerful production written and created by Sandy Arena, who had two abortions she deeply regrets when she was a young adult. Arena has had the opportunity to memorialize her unborn children’s lives and share this story of regret and

Help for depression after abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Gary Lovejoy, Ph.D. with practical help for depression after an abortion 3-17-13 [UPDATE: podcast posted 3-18-13] Depression is the helpless hopeless belief that the darkness of our emotions is more real than the light of the redeeming love of God. It is a mood disorder also–an alarm signal of a

Have you tried prayer?

Cradle My Heart Radio features 40 Days for Healing from the Wounds of Abortion [UPDATE: podcast posted 3-13-13] Many of us remember seeing a plaque in Granny’s house which asked the obvious yet provocative question, “Have you tried prayer?” Christine Morrison is one woman who can answer emphatically, “Yes!” I first met Christine after one

Abortion hurts siblings – Renee’s Story

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes “Renee”, author of  Surviving Siblings, who recently shared her story on CNN.  [UPDATE 3-7-13 podcast posted] You’ll meet a young woman who vividly portrays how abortion impacted her family and her young adulthood. And we’ll share ideas about some safe ways of breaking the silence within your family too. Renee’s experience reminds me

When your abortion is someone else’s Choice

According to wikicommons: “In 1614, Cambridge needed a new water supply. Thomas Hobson built a causeway bringing water from springs at Nine Wells into the city centre. . . Hobson made his money hiring out horses, but hirers had to take the horse closest to the door. This led to the expression “Hobson’s Choice” meaning

When abortion is no choice at all

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Reggie Littlejohn 2-24-13 at 9 p ET [UPDATE podcast posted 2-25-13] Reggie Littlejohn is a name that should be on the lips of every feminist and women’s advocate around the world. She is a champion of women in China where the One Child Policy has led to violence, human rights violations

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