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Meet the woman leading the next generation to abolish abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio | Kristan Hawkins interview airs 1-18-15 Podcast playback. Listen now: What were you doing to change the world during your high school years? Kristan Hawkins was setting down roots that would lead to college campuses becoming the heart of the abortion battle in America. The vision is not just reducing the number

Abortion in adult children of divorce

Cradle My Heart Radio  | Jeannie Scott Smith interview airs 11-16-2014 Podcast playback. Listen now: This week on Cradle My Heart Radio we’ll meet Jeannie Scott Smith who shares her story of growing up in a single-family home. To my knowledge, no research exists proving a correlation between parental divorce and choosing abortion, but there

Examine your faith: why abortion is much more than a choice

Cradle My Heart Radio | Pamela Christian interview 9-7-2014 Podcast playback. Listen now: When I was hosting my daily talk show on Faith Radio I used to get calls from listeners who would say, “The Bible doesn’t even mention the word ‘abortion.’ Therefore, it’s just a matter of individual choice.” Maybe you’ve also had conversations with

Alveda King: Ending Abortion by Advancing Life as a Civil Right

Cradle My Heart Radio podcast features civil rights and prolife activist Alveda King. Plus listener mail on how and when to share your abortion story, and overcoming the urge for a replacement chilld. (Originally aired in August, 2014) Defenders of abortion rights often use language that evokes the great struggle for civil rights in America–they speak of reproductive

The physical bond between mother and child that lingers long after abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio  | Vicki Thorn interview airs 8-3-14 Podcast playback. Listen now: Thirty years ago Vicki Thorn couldn’t have foreseen that she would be at the center of a movement involving millions of women and men in need of healing and hope. She simply knew that people were suffering after abortion and she

Help for the anxious heart after abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio | Sheryl Griffin interview airs 7-14-13 Podcast playback. Listen now: Anxiety often lives in our hearts after abortion, yet it can be very difficult to pin down and even harder to overcome. Sheryl Griffin has experienced panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. As she he began to seek healing, she discovered God’s

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