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Help after abortion

Denise Mountenay on abortion’s harm to women and children

Denise Mountenay on Cradle My Heart Radio If you listen long enough and often enough to pro-abortion rhetoric, you form an image of a woman exercising agency, feeling empowered, making her own choices and marching through life unencumbered by the pressures to conform to the will of others. Ahem. All that is needed to destroy that myth

Steadfast in hope after abortion, especially during Advent

Theresa Bonopartis has served for more than two decades helping people recover after abortion. Her heart bespeaks God’s love. I first met Theresa in 2003 when I answered God’s call and presented postabortion healing conferences in the Minneapolis area. Theresa reached out to me from her home base in New York to offer support and encouragement.

New Feminism making abortion obsolete

An encore presentation with Leah Jacobsen on Cradle My Heart Radio week of November 27 Happy Thanksgiving! This year we are so grateful for those who are working so tirelessly to make abortion unneeded. That’s an ambitious goal. To accomplish it, true help and support is required, not just to see a pregnancy through, but to nurture women

Resolved: to help end abortion in 2014

Cradle My Heart Radio helping make your voice heard I want to take time out this Sunday night on Cradle My Heart Radio to talk about ways we can work together helping to make abortion unthinkable. January marks the 41st anniversary of the legalization of abortion in the US, and thus it’s also the time of year

Can the Internet save us from abortion?

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes the team from Online for Life [UPDATE: podcast posted 12-24-13] If you consider yourself prolife, there are many ways to advance the culture of life. We influence as voters, volunteers and voices of hope. Now there is a new model as well: intercepting the internet search process to present women who are vulnerable

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