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Choosing life

FREE Download 5 Winning Ways to Argue against Abortion . . . and a few to Avoid

This one-page reference will help you make the Case for Life This downloadable pdf helps to winningly simplify the argument by answering a few simple questions, providing evidence from science and philosophy, as well as moral reasoning and biblical truth. Also, help to avoid issues which are not central, or use them to bolster the case.

Callie Jett ending taboo by talking adoption

Cradle My Heart Radio | Callie Jett interview airs week of 1-8-17 Podcast playback. Listen now: Talk about paying to forward. Callie Jett was saved from the heartache of abortion by someone who took the time to have a conversation with her to let her know about open adoption. At 16, she knew she couldn’t give her

New Feminism making abortion obsolete

An encore presentation with Leah Jacobsen on Cradle My Heart Radio week of November 27 Happy Thanksgiving! This year we are so grateful for those who are working so tirelessly to make abortion unneeded. That’s an ambitious goal. To accomplish it, true help and support is required, not just to see a pregnancy through, but to nurture women

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