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abortion tipping point

105 Years of Silence

Even lions know better than to kill a crying child. That’s the conclusion drawn by those who found an 8-year-old Ethiopian girl protected by lions when she fled an attack by a group of men trying to capture her for a forced marriage: Stuart Williams, a wildlife expert with the rural development ministry, said the

March for Life re-cap on Cradle My Heart Radio

[UPDATE 2-4-13 podcast posted] Many thanks to Katy Flood who is a pro-life speaker, post-abortion ministry leader and blogger. Katy joined us on Cradle My Heart Radio last night to share her impressions from the 2013 March for Life–especially from the perspective of one who has an abortion in her past. Her story illustrates what happens when young

Reality series helps women after abortion

[UPDATE: 1/15/13 Cradle My Heart Radio Podcast added] When producer Cecil Stokes first told me about his new internet reality series, I was intrigued. He would present a post-abortion healing group, live and uncensored on Surrender the Secret. I must admit that I would have been extremely reluctant to let the world know my story

Abortion Epidemic in Church? The Harvest Show interview

The Harvest Show featured Cradle My Heart recently, centering the discussion on the problem of abortion in the church. One of every three American women has had an abortion by the time we reach our forties, and most (78%) report Christian faith. Christian women choose abortion every day. Does this make the church teachings irrelevant?

Ending abortion stigma

A year ago I sensed that America had reached the tipping point on abortion.  It has become such a common experience that public conversation about the aftermath of abortion is now inevitable. My interest in the conversation is personal–my life was radically changed when I was redeemed of the sin of the abortion in my past,

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