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Life is Best – watch Episode 1

Life is Best helps build the Case for Life The new series Life is Best cuts through the endless debate about abortion to make you more effective at defending your views to advance the cause for life. Hosted by Scott Klusendorf of Life Training Institute, the series also features a cast of pastors and teachers who

Why am I pro-life? Because I am in Favor of Equal Rights

 Here’s the logic of being pro-life based on human rights Feminism has become the default worldview, and in some ways we all have benefitted—equal opportunity in education and employment is a good thing! But to say abortion is a women’s rights issue assumes the unborn is not also a human being deserving of equal rights

Why Am I Pro-Life? Because Uncertainty Demands a Cautious Response

 Here’s the logic of being prolife in the midst of uncertainty President Obama once said that determining when a fetus gains human rights was a question above his pay grade. And in its Roe v Wade decision making abortion legal, the US Supreme Court said we don’t know, can’t know when human life begins to

Why Am I Pro-Life? It’s a Matter of Life and Death

 Here’s the logic of being prolife from philosopher Stephen Schwarz Professor Schwarz, Ph.D. (Harvard) teaches Philosophy at University of Rhode Island. He defends the traditional pro-life argument: It is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being. Therefore abortion is wrong. If you agree with the first two

Jimmy Carter, gay marriage weakens legal abortion, abortion ransom hoax

Let’s talk about abortion in the news this week Here’s my take on another weird week for abortion in the news. Three stories illustrate how shifting standards drive us back to the truth. First, we have former President Jimmy Carter declaring that he believes Jesus would support abortion in cases of rape and incest (as

Star Parker: Abortion brutally discriminates

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Star Parker This week we are continuing our coverage of the Selma Project for Life. This initiative calls on the Alabama Department of Health to enforce the law and investigate the abortion business of Samuel Lett who is alleged to be operating an abortion center without the proper licensing and

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