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SCOTUS Hellerstedt ruling an anti-woman affront to common sense

Focus on the Family’s legal expert on Cradle My Heart Radio week of July 31 It’s been a month since the Supreme Court ruled that legislation duly passed by the State of Texas was unconstitutional. But what really happened when SCOTUS threw out Texas abortion safety standards? Focus on the Family issued this statement from judicial analyst

He was targeted for death by abortion, but lived to tell the story

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Henry Flowers the week of March 20 Born in Grand Rapids and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Henry Flowers IV is an overcomer of overwhelming odds while growing up in a poverty stricken, fatherless home. He is now making efforts to turn the tables and light the path that leads to safe,

Surgeon goes all in for Haiti’s poorest

 Overhwhelming needs inspire overwhelming love David Vanderpool is founder and CEO of Live Beyond, a ministry to the poorest people in the developing world. Their comprehensive outreach includes caring for pregnant women in Haiti, to help them have healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries, as well as help them time and space pregnancies in the future so

Handling the grief of unfinished relationships at the holidays

When holiday happiness hurts Erin Smalley lost her mother shortly before Christmas. The pain was almost unbearable. But everything changed as she slowly discovered the gifts Mom had left behind. Erin’s story will help those of us grieving any loss this time of year, even those who grieve the children they never met because of

Warren Cole Smith on the work before the evangelical church

 “God is at work and we’re invited to join Him” Warren Cole Smith can be forgiven if he is perceived as having issues with evangelical culture. But don’t mistake him for someone who doesn’t care. His book A Lover’s Quarrel with the Evangelical Church is a call for us to be salt and light rather than

Colorado violence devastating for everyone on all sides

Pro-Life leaders uniformly condemn violence in Colorado and beyond Friday’s shootings in Colorado Springs are a tragedy, not just for the victims and their families, but for all of us. We are all diminished whenever anyone denies the dignity of any human life, especially through violent means. Regardless of our anguish over the millions of

Doing Something Big to stop abortion

Couple’s activism driven by love You’ve just gotta love the story of Kevin Cook, the Asbury seminary student who stood with his wife, Nicole outside an abortion facility in Kentucky holding signs offering to adopt the children facing abortion. The Cook’s hadn’t thought about adoption until the Center for Medical Progress videos from inside a Planned

Scandal raises the question: Is God present during an abortion?

Olivia Pope’s teachable moment ABC’s Scandal portrayed an abortion in network prime-time last week, and the reaction was swift and predictable. Progressives and abortion rights advocates praised the episode, hailing a frank portrayal of an empowered woman aborting because she simply didn’t want a child. Conservatives called it propaganda for Planned Parenthood. And Christians uniformly expressed disgust over setting the

Pro-Life stories we’re following this week

Sidewalks, signs, and statistics making news There’s a sharp contrast to a pair of stories in the news this week concerning our public sidewalks. In one case, Ohio’s Otterbein University students propose a scheme to buy the public sidewalk in order to censor a pro-life group whose message makes them “unhappy.” This follows a campaign

Why oppose Planned Parenthood? What’s the big deal?

Here’s why a Christian cannot support any organization which engages in the taking of innocent human life It all sounds so reasonable. Some Christians say, “Poor women need basic reproductive medical care; they may need the ocassional abortion. The compassionate thing to do is provide it at low cost and redeem it by donating the

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