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Unplanned Movie pulls together national referral service for abortion recovery support

I’ve been involved in offering support after abortion in a multitude of ways for almost twenty years now. Planning and organizing conferences, presenting conference workshops, offering ministry, writing, broadcasting and speaking in churches and on behalf of the pregnancy help community.

The response tells me there is still a great deal of healing needed both in the church and outside of it. And it’s been frustrating at times to have to dig and delve trying to locate a local organization for referrals. But now, thanks to the team of the movie Unplanned, help is as near as a text message or toll-free call.

Here’s a post from the film’s Facebook page, featuring a dramatic testimony as well as the number to text. If you have time, check out the comments on the post–so encouraging and filled with empathy and care.

The website for Support After Abortion (Text 73095) is spare but effective. More content is available on their Facebook page, including abortion recovery stories and news. The response is timely and follow-up is top-notch.

Still, I am amazed that this rich resource has gathered fewer than 500 fans on Facebook, compared to the Unplanned page, followed by over 150,000. What if the low-average one-fourth of 55,000 people who watched the testimony on Facebook experienced abortion? Wouldn’t we see 10,000 or more flocking to Support After Abortion? The film is a box-office success, earning $17M against its $6M budget. And close to 100 abortion workers have left the industry with support from the Unplanned team.

There’s a second harvest we can be praying for. I’m talking about the women who remained unnamed in the film, sitting in the waiting room as Abby and her crew went about their business.

Spoiler alert

Yes, as a woman who had an abortion, it was beyond difficult to watch the vaccuum and aspiration depicted. The medical abortion anguish was horrifying. The depiction of the fetal remains hurt my heart. The perforated uterus scene nearly rose to the level of traumatic.

But the faceless nameless women in that waiting room truly broke my heart.

When I was in their number, just as in the film, I did everything I could to escape notice, to remain anonymous.

I know sleepwalking is real.

I did it that day.

I’ve since learned that, just like almost everything else connected to abortion, this willful numbing is not so easily undone. Maybe that’s why so few seek out abortion recovery support.

It takes a while to wake up to your own life.

I’m grateful to have a place in the abortion recovery support movement being offered through Unplanned. I serve at Abortion Recovery Support through Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, located near my home in Peachtree City.

It’s slow going, we often find ourselves responding to just one woman at a time.

But letting her know that abortion did not, could not, and will never change God’s love for her–and seeing hope dawn–that builds both my faith and hers.

Please, don’t delay, and don’t hit the snooze button yet again. Reach out for your healing today.

So many of us wish abortion could be undone. But you will never regret seeking and finding God’s love for you after abortion.

Kim Ketola serves as Coordinator of Abortion Recovery Support, a confidential ministry of Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Kim Ketola


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