How abortion recovery may equip us for ministry

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Rhonda De la Moriniere

Rhonda De la Moriniere is a speaker, writer and Bible study teacher.

She taught in a class called Pink Armor for over seven years, where she wrote her studies weekly based on her prayers for the women in her class and her time with Jesus. Her study, Becoming Ewe, came from a prayer in which Rhonda felt caught between the knowing of Jesus, yet experiencing losses and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.

Rhonda’s story is an encouragement for every woman who feels that a difficult past must determine her ministry future. After abortion we may believe that we are either disqualified from leadership, or that we must keep the abortion secret at all costs.

When we begin to fully grasp God’s unconditional love, we see that he brings his greatest glory out of our worst, even fatal, mistakes.

From her bio:

Rhonda De la Moriniere has her MEd in counseling from University of Houston at Clear Lake. She was a school counselor until 2014 when she entered full time bible study, writing, and speaking. She spent seven years leading and teaching a women’s class at her home church of Sagemont in Houston, Texas. As a certified Christian counselor, as well as trauma specialist, she has led many women through healing from abortion as well as childhood sexual abuse. She currently volunteers with local ministries, and enjoys time with her husband, Matthew, and their three children; Joshua, Faith and Hope.

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