Opening hearts to the gifts of adoption

Cradle My Heart Today | Natalie’s story 3-27-2018

Adoption has helped Natalie build her family. Listen now:

She and her husband have four kiddo’s-three adopted.

She told LiveAction News that it’s time to clear up three myths still surrounding adoption:

  • That it’s harder to release a child than to have an abortion
  • That it’s too expensive; and
  • That you can’t love an adopted child as if they are truly your own.

She says, “My prayer is that you would understand the truth behind adoption and reject these modern adoption myths. Open your heart to the gift of adoption in all forms.”

This may mean simply supporting and listening to those in the adoption circle without the lens of harmful myths.

And when we listen from the heart we often hear the echoes of God’s love anchoring it all.

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

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Kim Ketola


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