Miscarriage ministry helps those hurt by abortion too

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Misunderstanding miscarriage greatly multiplies the pain.

Sarah Philpott gets that.

And she’s made it her mission to help others understand God’s goodness in the midst of a season of sorrow and loss. She’s a teacher, author and researcher who’s also experienced miscarriage.

In her book Loved Baby, Sarah brings together authentic sharing concerning loss, combined with Christ-filled comfort–most especially how to have faith your child is in heaven, take time apart grieve, and remain connected to the vital support of family and friends.

She says the road to peace after miscarriage is marked with many difficult tasks:

  • Mamas and dads must say goodbye to the child of their hearts.
  • They are often subject to terrible guilt and self-blame (Was it that glass of wine before I even knew I was pregnant?).
  • They suffer invisible grief.
  • And many go through a spiritual crisis which shakes their faith to the core.

Adding to these challenges are the attitudes and ineptitude of others who may assume that none of the emotional reactions are valid, or who simply fail to offer compassion and care.

Loved Baby brings together Christ-centered resources for the close to one in four women who experience pregnancy loss. Starting with her own story, Sarah weaves together the experiences of men and women who are learning to love a child they have not yet met this side of heaven.

Sarah is also mindful of the role abortion plays in making the grief more difficult. While she offers understanding to individuals who’ve lost children to abortion, she also speaks out about abortion rhetoric negating children before birth. Such thinking and language unduly burdens women and couples suffering after miscarriage.

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Sarah Philpott

From her bio:

Sarah Philpott, PhD, is the author of Loved Baby, 31 Devotions Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Child after Pregnancy Loss. She is a former teacher, published academic author, and an award-winning writer & award-winning blogger. She contributes to places such as the Huffington Post, Her View from Home, the Today Show Parenting Team. Sarah has gained endorsement from Holley Gerth and recognition from outlets such as The Today Show and Kathy Lee & Hoda. She is the mother of three young children and wife to one hard workin’ farmer (who has been her sweetheart since high school).

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