Abortion protected career but stole her peace of mind

Cradle My Heart Today | Carmen’s story 3-16-2018

Like most women who choose abortion today, Carmen was already a mom of two living children. Listen now:

Carmen Pate

But after struggling as a single mom for seven years, she chose abortion of an unexpected pregnancy, she says, as an act of self-preservation.

The pregnancy threatened the identity she had built as a successful career woman—a kind of fear of death, the death of self, that drove her to abort a second time.

God has redeemed those losses as Carmen uses her professional skills today to ensure other women know the truth about abortion.

Fear of poverty may drive many abortion decisions, but women often find their success a hollow victory because it was won at such a great and fatal cost.

Yet these women, and others who chose abortion for very different reasons, may all seek reconciliation and redemption through the abortion recovery work of the pregnancy help community.

Listen to our conversation with Carmen here.

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