Giving her all for the cause of life

Cradle My Heart Today | Connie’s story 3-5-2018

Connie was so committed to the pro-life cause that at 16 she wrote a will granting her possessions to the pro-life movement. Listen now:

Connie Wyatt

Yet, abandoned and alone during an unintended pregnancy, she went through a traumatic procedure which nearly took her life.

She kept all of it as her deepest secret.

But when God called her into leadership of women, he also provided a way of healing and forgiveness for the guilt and grief abortion brings.

Although abortion promises to empower women, instead women may feel overwhelmed and frozen by the weight of their involvement in taking the life of their child.

With few outlets to process that guilt and grief, fear of exposure then may keep them bound in silence and shame.

Women like Connie are helping others to find the path to freedom through serving others with the love and compassion they’ve found through faith in Jesus Christ.

Looking back, Connie marvels at the heart she had as a teen to give everything she had for the cause she’s now fully committed to today–saving lives and sharing the gift of abortion recovery with others.

Blessed is the one who transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Psalm 32:1

Listen to our conversation with Connie here.

Find resources for help with unintended pregnancy and healing after abortion at

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Saving lives and healing hearts after abortion one story at a time

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