She busted the myth that pregnancy ends educational opportunity

Cradle My Heart Today | Tommitrise’s story 2-27-2018

Some say abortion empowers women.

Tommitrise is a young woman empowered by choosing life. Listen now:

So often young women are told they need abortion to secure a better future.

But in Tommitrise’s case, her sister snapped a photo that went viral–showing Tommitrise during labor in her hospital bed with her laptop open, taking a college exam.

She finished her exam in less than the allotted time, and while experiencing contractions which were 3 minutes apart.

Her baby girl Tyler Elise was born after 20 hours of labor.

She told Live Action News, “She is my life now, she will always have me to depend on, so my goals will not be put on hold. I want to show people just because I am considered a young mother doesn’t mean I have to be considered a bad mother.”

The secret of such sacrificial love is that in giving we always gain more.

Abortion rights advocates often exploit a woman’s fears with the myth that educational opportunities will be lost due to pregnancy. But groups like Pregnant on Campus and others are exposing the truth that with proper support, women can do both.

In fact, often motherhood motivates a young woman to step up to responsibilities she never thought she could meet.

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13:7

Read Tommitrise’s inspiring story on Live Action News here.

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(Photo credit via Facebook/Shanell Brinkley-Chapman)

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