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Cradle My Heart Today | Viola’s story 2-13-18

In the iconic family drama Fences, Viola Davis plays an adoptive mother as a result of deeply trying circumstances. Listen now:

Viola Davis
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But in her own life, Viola joyfully adopted her baby daughter six years ago.

She says, “I always tell Genesis she was born from my heart, not my belly.”

She also told InStyle magazine she wants women to know that adopting is just as beautiful as birthing a child. “So many children need parents, and so many of us want to mother.”

Although she became a mom in her late 40’s Viola doesn’t fear aging, saying, “I’ve been through a lot in life, and what has gotten me through is strength of character and faith.”

Unplanned pregnancy often drives women to abortion because they lack the maturity or support to parent. In cases where parenting is just not possible, adoption brings life to everyone involved. And makes mothers born of the heart.

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her. Proverbs 31:28

Read Viola’s InStyle interview here.

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