Through Innocent Eyes – a poem

Cradle My Heart Radio | A poem read by the author, John Miller

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Conceived in love or lust, I will never know.
Were there plans for starting a family life, or pleasure now throughout the night?
Some say I am just tissue and not yet alive, because they can’t see me with their eyes.

Mother visits a place where so called parenting is planned,
Greeted with a smile and taken by the hand.
Lead to a room that I fearfully dread,
Now feeling cold steel scissors impale the back of my head.
I am no longer able to complete this poem,
My spirit will finish for me instead.

60 million have gone before me, some not as developed as I,
With small limbs and undeveloped hearts,
Their lives were ended, then studied, some were sold as body parts.
Such desecration of life should be banned,
Where women are greeted with a smile and lead by their hand.

My life was of no value in my Mother’s eyes.
Was it gender, race, or physical size?
Was I imperfect in my mind, heart, or hands,
Or a regretful consequence of a one night stand?
These reasons are justified to end my life,
In the views of the secular worlds eyes.

Never will I see how my Father’s chest would have expanded with pride,
If only he had seen what Mother carried inside.
Absent is the feeling of being held in loving arms to rest,
Or take nourishment from Mother’s breast.
Nor learn how to laugh, run, or play,
Or see the sun rise at the break of day.
Ride a bike, fish a pond, these have all gone away.
Sadness comes upon me, tomorrow would have been my birthday.

Regrets remain in Mother’s mind,
Happiness and peace are absent from her heart.
Only sadness, loneliness, and endless strife for what she did, and what could have been.
Will she allow this to torment her to the end?

There is forgiveness for all sins, yes even for taking an innocent life.
End the guilt, shame, and sleepless nights.
Repent and ask GOD for forgiveness in the name of JESUS CHRIST,
And experience starting a refreshing new life.
He will forgive all your sins and remember them no more,
This you can trust, it’s written in HIS word.

I reside in heaven, were I will spend eternal life,
There is no more pain, death, sorrow, or reason to cry.
Sharing what I have seen through innocent eyes.

© 2018, John Miller, Brule, Wisconsin

About the author:

John Miller is a retired engineer and educator from Brule, Wisconsin now pursuing his vocation as a poet and public speaker, proclaiming God’s word applied to many contemporary issues.¬†Inspired by James 4:17, John felt led by God to write Through Innocent Eyes to warn of the sinfulness of abortion and comfort those who have suffered from its many losses.

“Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” James 4:17 NKJV

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