“No good outcomes for pregnancies like yours”

Cradle My Heart Radio | Amanda Solomon interview airs 2-4-2018

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Amanda Solomon never thought she could get pregnant after undergoing endometrial ablation, a procedure that would likely leave her sterile.

But she’d survived cancer and rejoiced over her three healthy children.

So, a positive pregnancy test shocked her and her doctors, but it appeared a miscarriage resolved the situation. Yet within weeks another pregnancy test showed that she was still pregnant. The best explanation is that she had miscarried a twin. Yet, rather than stepping up help Amanda sort through what ought to happen next, the doctor removed all hope and recommended abortion, waiting for an answer on the spot.

She says,

Hearing my doctor say: “I’m sorry, but you really should consider terminating this pregnancy. There are no good outcomes from pregnancies like yours” was a knife to my heart.

Amanda is a vocal pro-life advocate, and to find herself in the very circumstance used to justify legal abortion after 20 weeks was ironic to say the least.

Her story illustrates several important truths:

  • Often what is called a diagnosis, is instead a judgment
  • Where one doctor sees a hopeless case, another may be willing to work to protect both mother and child
  • Even if pregnancy is truly life-threatening, ethics demand physicians give the children every chance
  • Faith can move mountains

Amanda Solomon with her husband Jake and their daughter

Join us on Cradle My Heart Radio Sunday Feb 2, 2018 at 8 pm CT as Amanda shares that faith and the dramatic conclusion to her story. Scroll down to listen live.

From her bio:

Amanda Solomon is a writer, editor and blogger for Life Defenders. She is also a wife and mother of four.

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    Feleica Langdon

    February 5, 2018

    Voices like Amanda’s deserve and need to be heard. Thank you so much for giving her a platform to represent risk of life to the mother.

    – Staff at Life Defenders



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