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It’s happened before, but each time the beauty of redeeming the land from abortion feels like a singular miracle of hope.

This time, land that once housed an abortion business, The Center for Choice, in Toledo, Ohio will soon be serving as a memorial to the children lost to abortion, the first memorial of its kind in Toledo.

Hope Park in Toledo was birthed in prayer.

Denise Emerine recounts several remarkable examples including the way God wove Isaiah 61 through her prayers, and the eventual acquisition price of the land: $61,000.

The park is modeled after the National Memorial to the Unborn in Chattanooga, TN, which was also the former site of an abortion business.

The vision is that the new memorial will serve as a destination for those seeking healing and reconciliation of the many losses of abortion.

And because the acquisition of the land and the construction are unfolding just a few short years after the closing of the Choice Center in 2014, many of the same women who went through the sorrow and trauma of abortion in that place will now have the blessing to return to a place of redemption, a place of hope.

Hope Park Story from Greater Toledo House of Prayer on Vimeo.

There’s so much more to the story.

Everyone whose heart has ever hurt after abortion can gain hope that God will see to our healing. The Lord will not forget.

He will heal our hearts.

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From her bio:

Denise Emerine, Hope Park Founder

Denise Emerine is devoted to calling believers to pursue a more intimate relationship with God through authentic community, effective prayer, relational knowledge of the scriptures, and hunger for the “deep things” of God. She has served 17 years as the director over the Greater Toledo House of Prayer, CEO (Chief Executive Overseer) and founder of Hope Park (Memorial to the Unborn). Denise was published on the 2017 Cover magazine of Focus on the Family’s Citizen and also is working on “TehilliaSoulMinistry” a ministry for the Deborah’s, Esther’s, and Miriam’s call to rise. Denise was an avid intercessor, speaker, and devotional writer for the Prayer Closet, a local Christian Broadcasting Radio. She has traveled to Hong Kong as an ambassador for the nations as part of the The Call Business, to Israel seven times as a spearhead and ambassador for Prayer Alongside the Marketplace. She and her husband, Lloyd, live in Toledo, OH and have two married children; Aaron and Jessica. Their house is filled with eight amazing grandchildren!

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