Hope empowered her to cancel abortion plans

Cradle My Heart Today | Mesha’s story 12-28-17

Mesha had an abortion appointment.

She was terrified, she told no one, and and she believed it was wrong. Listen now:

In the following days, at her lowest point, she heard a voice, saying, “Do not care what anyone on this earth thinks of you. The only person that matters is Me.”

Mesha told Pregnancy Help News she fell to her knees on her living room floor, and begged God for help and forgiveness, praying, “Okay, Lord, I’m yours. What do I do now?”

Several days later, her sister rushed Mesha to the emergency room where tests revealed that she was pregnant.

Now that her secret was out, she rejoiced with family and friends over the pregnancy.

And eventually her daughter, Kynlee.

Today, she says,“I share my story to show that God is faithful! Any wrong can be turned into something for His glory.”

When women fear disclosing their pregnancy to those closest to them, they often lack the support needed to make a life-affirming decision. But women are finding faith in the face of their fears through local pregnancy help centers.

Finding faith makes all the difference in helping a young woman begin to hope that the future can be so much better than her past.

For Mesha it was as as simple as listening to the One who has promised never to leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:15).

Today, if you hear his voice, “Do not harden your hearts Psalm 95:8 (see also Hebrews 3:8-9)

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Find resources for unplanned pregnancy and help after abortion at cradlemyheart.org.

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