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Cradle My Heart Today | Jeannie’s story 12-27-17

Coming of age carries unique challenges for young women who lack the daily presence of their dads. Listen now:

Jeannie Scott Smith

Jeannie is careful to take responsibility for her choices leading to pregnancy at age nineteen, even as she’s mindful of the toll her parents’ divorce took on her young life.

Father-hunger and poor relationship choices seem to go hand-in-hand, leading many to a seemingly inevitable path of unintended pregnancy and abortion.

Self-destructive behaviors also added another need for healing.

And Jeannie found her answers in relationship with God her heavenly Father, through his Word which she now shares to help others heal as well in the pregnancy help movement.

Through book Shattered into Beautiful and her work in a local pregnancy center, Jeannie offers women spiritual encouragement, and the care and support needed to see a pregnancy through.

And today she lives with hope, saying she is most thankful that her child is in the gracious care of Jesus.

“Blessed is she who believes what the Lord told her would be accomplished.” Luke 1:45

Listen to our interview with Jeannie here.

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