Her parents’ love drove out fear during unintended pregnancy

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Cradle My Heart Today |  Lauren’s story 10-13-17

Lauren was a star student from a prominent Christian home. Watch now:

How to tell her parents she was pregnant, with twins.

Lauren told Pregnancy Help News she faced it head-on, and so did her family.

She transferred to a college in her hometown and moved in with her parents during the last few weeks of her pregnancy.

When her two sons, Christian and Caden, arrived in mid-summer, Lauren brought her schoolwork with her to the NICU.

Lauren’s success was greatly helped by strong family support and a pregnancy help center.

She says, “They just thoroughly radiated care for me and the love of Christ.”

Today she urges Christians to celebrate the young women who choose life in an unplanned pregnancy saying, “They didn’t choose to take the easy way out, the quick fix, and they deserve our support.”

Young women and couples often fear the family reaction.

And parents often fear for a daughter’s reputation or a son’s future success.

A supportive and loving response from parents makes a life-saving difference during a young woman’s unplanned pregnancy.

Pregnancy centers can facilitate that abundant life, helping families make room for one–or two–more at the table.

You, O LORD, rule forever; Your throne is from generation to generation. Lamentations 5:19

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