Exceptional young woman survived being an abortion ‘exception’

Cradle My Heart Radio | Feleica Langdon interview airs 12-10-17

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Most women opt in for routine prenatal genetic screening at 13 and 20 weeks.

Many are not aware that they can opt out. A recent study showed that when women were made aware of the risks, far fewer decided to take the tests. One theory is that these women regard the decision not to test as an ethical or values-driven decision vs. a medical one.

Screening might have alerted Feleica Langdon’s mom to the presence of Turner syndrome. According to mayoclinic.com, Turner syndrome can be diagnosed prenatally. If a child survives to birth, the condition is not life-threatening:

” . . . a condition that affects only females, results when one of the X chromosomes (sex chromosomes) is missing or partially missing. Turner syndrome can cause a variety of medical and developmental problems, including short height, failure of the ovaries to develop and heart defects. Girls and women with Turner syndrome need ongoing medical care from a variety of specialists. Regular checkups and appropriate care can help most girls and women lead healthy, independent lives.

Only 2% of baby girls with Turner syndrom survive to birth. And 76% will be aborted after the TS diagnosis.

Feleica joins us this week on Cradle My Heart Radio to share her story and talk about that razor-this margin which allowed her to live. She’ll share the heartbreak of hearing her mom say she likely would have aborted had she known.

And she’ll catch us up with her pro-life activism born of the fact that her own story makes her one of the ‘exceptions’–lives seen as expendable even by those who say they are pro-life.

From her bio:

Feleica Langdon

Feleica Langdon says, “I am a born again Christian who accepted Jesus as Lord of my life a few days before my 20th birthday (best birthday present ever). He has been a source of strength throughout my pro-life activism; I’ve grown spiritually, personally and professionally through it.”

She writes for Live Action News, served as the former Facebook page editor for Save The 1, and is currently leading Life Defenders, a pro-life activism organizaiton in Newfoundland,Canada

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