The grief–and joy–that binds women after abortion and infant loss

Cradle My Heart Radio | Chaeli Meerman and Judy Magu airs 12-3-17

Podcast playback featuring Chaeli. (Podcast with Judy Magu here). Listen now:

You meet the most interesting people when you reach out to share God’s love!

Coming up this week two very different guests with wildly divergent stories, living a world apart, and yet bound by a life-altering faith in goodness and mercy of Jesus Christ after suffering the loss of our children in very different circumstances.

Chaeli, James, and Jay Meerman

Chaeli Meerman touched hearts on Facebook with the story of her her son James Henry, who died shortly after his birth, and how she is finding strength to share all the joy his forever young life continues to provide for her and her family.

She’ll share with us her decision to carry forward the pregnancy, knowing that her son was facing a fatal prognosis.

The story is so touching and so inspiring–and so well-known to many of the millions of women who have gone through miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss. I’m grateful that Chaeli sacrifices her private pain to help others–not only through her faith but also the good resources she’s found through Be Not Afraid and other organizations.

What it is so striking to me about this week’s program is that only God could unite us in our grief, as he provides our joy, as women find our common hope in Jesus Christ after infant loss and abortion.

Judy M Magu

This Sunday you’ll also meet Judy Magu, a Kenyan media professional who recently participated in the first-ever East Africa student’s film festival at Daystar University in Nairobi. Judy has a heart to deploy her skills and expertise in media by using for good the same channels which are leading so many into ungodly choices.

She says, “I have witnessed the havoc the media can cause and I believe through the same medium God will transfrom many lives.”

Despite the many cultural differences, Judy understands that abortion is a spiritual issue, thus the impact on us as women is universal by virtue of our shared human nature. And, likewise, we share the same hope, the same healing, and the same desire to help others with the help we’ve received in Jesus Christ. Judy will join us to share her faith journey, and to offer prayer and hope to women hurting after abortion.

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  1. Reply

    Jesse Mcojwang

    November 29, 2017

    Woooooow! I love this,its away of showing God’s love in the hurting world. The situations we go through are to make us strong and help others overcome the sane.
    God bless you.

    • Reply

      Kim Ketola

      November 30, 2017

      Thank you, Jesse! How did you find us?



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