Abortion hurts grandparents too

Cradle My Heart Today | Janet’s story 11-22-17

Grandmothers grieve after abortion too. Watch now:

Janet’s raised her children in a prolife household where the value of protecting unborn life was regularly discussed and lived out through Janet’s work.

It was such a hallmark of the family that when her daughter got pregnant in college, she chose abortion rather than risk hurting her mother or embarrassing the family.

Many girls and young women choose abortion to protect their pro-life parents.

As they worked through what had happened, Janet and her daughter are now closer than ever.

And Janet is helping other family members affected by abortion to find peace through Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion and the Silent No More Campaign.

While Janet was kept in the dark, often parents push their sons and daughters to abort. And fear of punishment by parents drives many younger women to abortion as a way to keep the family peace.

Trusting God and loving our children is the answer to preventing abortion in our families. Pregnancy care centers offer material support to see the pregnancy through. And if parenting is not feasible and grandparents are also unable to step in, adoption provides a loving alternative to abortion. Today’s open adoption means parents and grandparents can maintain the family connection as well.

The older we get, the more we may find that family matters most.

Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. Proverbs 17:6

Listen to our interview with Janet Morana here.

Find help for grandparents grieving abortion here.

Find a network of Christ-centered organizations offering help for unplanned pregnancy and hope after abortion at cradlemyheart.org.

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November 24, 2017

Kim Ketola



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