Rejecting abortion gives “boy with no brain” a chance

Cradle My Heart Today | Shelley and Rob’s story 5-17-17

Shelley and Rob began planning a funeral for their son before he was even born. Watch now:

Live Action News reports that due to spina bifida and hydrocephalous, Noah only had 2% of his brain tissue; doctors said he would likely die at or before birth.

Shelley and Rob were offered termination at least five times during the difficult pregnancy due to the heartbreaking diagnosis. Each time they refused, saying he deserved a chance to live no matter how long his life may last.

But Noah has defied the odds.

After many surgeries to relieve the fluid blocking its growth, his brain is now nearly fully functional.

Although he needs a wheelchair this bright four-year-old is able to sing, talk, and smile.

Disability shouldn’t be a death sentence. But all too often today parents are pressed to terminate by the medical community and others. It takes real faith to give a child a chance when the odds are so stacked against him or her. And real faith is always made stronger through God’s word.

You are my strength; I wait for you to rescue me, for you, O God, are my fortress. (Psalm 59:9 NLT)

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