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Calling all Sorbo fans.

Let There Be Light is a faith film written, directed and produced by husband-wife team Kevin and Sam Sorbo.

The story centers on Sol Harkins, whose atheism is fueled by the loss of his son to childhood cancer. His books and debates attack Christianity, and his drinking only increases the isolation between Sol and his believing ex-wife, Katy. Things reach a crisis point when Sol survives a car crash which left him clinically dead for four minutes.

It’s not just a miracle that he is alive, but there’s a miraculous change in his heart as well.

A life-changing miracle is a fitting plot point for a film which might never have been made, but for God intervening in circumstances. According to Sam, the miracles include securing Dan Gordon, the award-winning writer of feature films Hurricane, Wyatt Earp, and others; and finding backing for the film from Sean Hannity–his first time out as executive producer of a feature film.

Join us for a conversation with the Sorbo’s on Cradle My Heart Radio. We’ll talk about their very different journeys to faith in Jesus Christ, the role of films and entertainment in shaping culture, and how the suffering and pain of loss are often the greatest blessings in disguise. And we’ll connect the dots between the atheist mindset and the devaluing of life through abortion, as Kevin shares the message he often delivers on behalf of pregnancy help centers for their annual fundraising events.


From their bios:

KEVIN SORBO (plays “Dr. Sol Harkens” in Let There Be Light)
Known for his successful series Hercules and Andromeda, Kevin Sorbos’s movies include Kull, the Conqueror, Meet the Spartans, and Soul Surfer. His faith films include God’s Not Dead and What If. Some of his many television credits include “Just Shoot Me,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Dharma and Greg,” “According to Jim,” “Gary Unmarried,” “Psych,” “Hawaii 5-0,” and a recurring role in the final season of “The OC.” Kevin released his memoir in 2012, True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life. The book chronicles his brush with death when he suffered three strokes during his fifth season on Hercules, and his harrowing but heroic three-year battle back to health. Kevin is spokesperson for A World Fit for Kids, a successful mentoring model that trains inner-city teens to mentor younger children in their communities. World Fit is the number one after-school program in the state of California. Sorbo resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Sam and their three children.

SAM SORBO (plays “Katy Harkens” in Let There Be Light )
After high school in Pittsburgh, PA, Sam (Jenkins) Sorbo studied biomedical engineering at Duke University before pursuing a career in modeling which led to extensive travel and learning languages; she is fluent in five. Sam acting credits include Bonfire of the Vanities and Twenty Bucks, and TV shows, including “Chicago Hope” and “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.” As guest star on “Hercules” she met Kevin Sorbo, and they married in 1998. Sam Sorbo was radio host of nationally syndicated The Sam Sorbo Show, weekdays. She currently hosts the show for two hours each week, on Talk America Radio. In 2015, Sam won “Best Supporting Actress” from the Utah Film Awards for her role in Just Let Go. Sam is a home school advocate and author of They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate, and Teach from Love: A School Year Devotional for Families. The Sorbos home educate their three children. Sam co-wrote, produced, and co-starred (with Kevin) in Let There Be Light.

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