Pregnancy helped her step up to lead

Cradle My Heart Today | Sheridan’s story 10-16-17

She was always a star student but this was one test she was hoping to fail. Listen now:

Sheridan Mate had nailed down a business scholarship and she was planning to finish the year strong before launching her college career.

But when she passed that pregnancy test with a positive result, everything changed.

But one thing never wavered—Sheridan’s belief in herself and her ability to do the right thing.

Support from her family was crucial, and she clings to these words from her dad. He said, “This doesn’t change things. It just changes timing.”

She switched gears to homeschool before graduation and then stay closer to home at a community college while raising her son, Xander.

Choosing life doesn’t mean the end of of your dreams.

Instead, like Sheridan, you may find they’re just beginning.

Young women and men often need a great deal of parental and adult support to launch out into life, whether through paying for college tuition, or other investments of time and money. Parents play a key role in helping women and couples step up to the responsibilities–and joys–of parenting.

An unplanned pregnancy may test the character of everyone affected by it. But never need doubt the goodness of God’s love.

Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. Deuteronomy 30:19

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