She chose abortion for him–a week later he left

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Donna Clifton

Young women and teens are seldom thinking long-term when they give their hearts away.

They seldom stop and ask about a man’s long-term intentions and plans for their relationship.

They don’t ask the difficult questions such as, “What would you do if I told you I was pregnant?” before the decision to become intimate with one another.

Thus, when an unintended pregnancy happens, they are often surprised and shocked to learn that the men they love are men they truly do not know.

Doubly shocked, many young women who may also lack critical self-knowledge, making them easy prey to the abortion industry’s offer of a quick fix to their overwhelmed minds and hearts.

The promise to make it all go away is deeply seductive, and few young women realize they are once again giving their hearts to a most unworthy partner.

Meet Donna Clifton.

She was 19 and trusted him all the way into the abortion facility where she hoped to salvage their relationship. She loved children, having become an aunt when she was only 8 years old.

She was pro-life.

She did it for him.

He left a week later.

A tragedy is no less so simply because it’s a story shared by countless others.

But that’s just where Donna’s story gets good.

Join us this week on Cradle My Heart Radio to hear how Donna not only survived but has thrived in the wake of the abortion which took the only child God would ever grant her.

From her bio:

Donna Clifton retired from her teaching career in 2017 after serving 26 years teaching grades 1-6. Donna has always been prolife. She is the youngest of nine children and believes that children are a gift of God. Donna has testified before her state legislature to try to change laws regarding abortion. She has appeared on Faces of Abortion and In His Presence, to share her testimony to further the prolife cause. She shares her testimony at churches and with youth groups as God leads and opens doors. Donna also volunteers at Options Pregnancy Center in Arkansas each week.

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