5 Fast Facts Pro-life news: Abortion as bullying

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The violence intrinsic to abortion cannot be wished away by magical thinking. As I wrote: “Abortion pits the stronger against the weaker, and only one survives.” Camilie Paglia, feminist academic

Abortion is oppression of the weak by the strong.

  • You see it in a mob of women shouting down a lone woman trying to speak publicly about her personal abortion experience. The Daily Wire coverage includes video from the disturbing scene in Columbus, OH. How can women who put themselves forward as women’s advocates treat another woman with such aggressive contempt?
  • You see it in when a young woman at nineteen may be pregnant and the adults around her promote abortion as the key to her well-being. (Not linking so as not to stoke the fires of celebrity gossip concerning Perez Hilton and Kylie Jenner. Gossip is gossip and it is violence too–character assasination from a distance.) The Kylie Jenner story serves as a mirror for those who say they’re Christian do the same thing, promoting abortion when they hear of a young single woman or girl who is pregnant.

Are we ready to join her in her situation and become part of the solution rather than adding to the problem? Check out Embrace Grace if you want to make your church a welcome place for single pregnant women and girls.

  • You see it when a woman faces a barrier to grieving her pregnancy loss because she lives in a culture which denies another life was involved in that pregnancy–a life with full humanity and intrinsic worth. Jennifer Hartline writing for The Stream challenges the bullies:

We will be harshly judged for the way we treat the most vulnerable, and there is no one more vulnerable than the child in the womb. It does not make us enlightened that we measure progress and victory by how easy it is to invade the womb with weapons and destroy the fragile life within. It makes us barbaric and inhuman.

You can offer God’s love to women going through pregnancy loss–find out how this weekend with our guest Sarah Philpott.

  • And you see it in the coldhearted reaction of those who would argue God’s existence and motives in the face of a mother’s brave sacrifice of her life to save the life of her child. Carrie was kept alive until the baby was at 24 weeks gestation. She died when Life Lynn was three days old. And baby Life Lynn died just days later. Carrie believed her child’s life had equal value to her own. But Raw Story diminishes the right of Nick DeKlyen to call himself pro-life in their headline coverage of the deaths of his wife, Carrie, and their newborn daughter, Life Lynn. (Imagine a media outlet today putting quotes around ‘gay’ or ‘transgender’.) And the coldness continues in the comments from those so intent on defending abortion or denying God that they condemn Carrie for having chosen life for their daughter when she declined treatment for cancer. Listen instead to Nick’s reaction, quoted in the Detroit Free Press,

“A God that loves you so much, that allows your wife and daughter to die …,” he said, his voice trailing off.  “I don’t know what he’s doing, I don’t know why this happened. Sometimes, I feel like I’m being tested like Job in the Bible. …

“I picture God saying to Satan, ‘You can do whatever you want to Nick, but he will still serve me.’ And I will.”

What an unapologetic witness to faith, pointing people to God’s Word and modeling the difficult humility of trusting God in the storm.

  • The bright spot this week is, of all places, Houston. Hurricane relief efforts include the rebuilding and re-opening of Farrington Mission. The Mission’s pregnancy center The Source for Women is replacing an $80,000 4-D ultrasound machine lost to Hurricane Harvey. Before the storm the free ultrasound outreach helped dozens of women choose life every month. Here’s a tangible way for you to stand up against the bullying of abortion: donate to the ultrasound effort.

Whether you give, or simply open your mouth to speak truth, you are needed if we ever hope to see abortion bullies stand down.


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