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Fervent pro-lifers often express disbelief when told that ignorance fuels abortion. They don’t think it possible for women to not know what it is they are doing when abortion takes an innocent human life.

But several stories in the news just now demonstrate how difficult it is to tell the truth about abortion.

National Review reports on coerced abortion–and how abortion rights advocates refuse to accept that it exists while also refusing to speak out against it. Thus the average person still believes abortion-rights activism rhetoric about women’s freedom. The full truth is that abortion rights granted women the freedom to destroy another human being. That basic devaluing of babies also paves the way for their destruction by anyone powerful enough to force it upon a pregnant woman.

Lifesitenews presents a story on controversy over photos of fetal development being banned on campus in New Zealand. Silencing science has happened here in the US too–at Johns Hopkins in 2015. How are young women to make informed choices if there is a ban on educational images? Fetal development is a scientific datapoint that ought to be the centerpiece of any communication which seeks to promote or prohibit abortion rights. What objective reason exists to supress the knowledge of it?

Undercover citizen journalist David Daleiden privacy charges go forward, story from christiannews.net which includes the Center for Medical Progress press conference last week to discuss the status of the case. The charges demonstate how a cloak of privacy meant to protect a woman’s medical records also serves as the pretext for the National Abortion Federation to argue the release of the CMP findings, recorded in public spaces, would tend to endanger its members.

Weekly Standard reports a CMP/Daleiden win on another front–naming names of those accusing him of violating privacy laws. The Sixth Amendment grants us as citizens the right to know who is accusing us when a legal action is taken. Planned Parenthood argued abortion created a special case which would shield them. The judge last week said “No.”

And the American Center for Law and Justice reported that last week Planned Parenthood lost their appeal to reinstate Arkansas Medicaid funding which had been withdrawn following the CMP video release in 2015.

There’s a reason abortion businesses don’t want the full facts to be reported or shared with women facing that choice. Whether the question is about the developing life in the womb or the practices deployed in ending those lives, abortion thrives in the dark.


Kim Ketola



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