Abortion, addiction, and the faith to overcome

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Kaylyn Knopp

Kaylyn Knopp describes herself as a “grateful mother of two beautiful children who are the joy of my life.”

She says they are what inspired her to find healing from her thirteen-year addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Her story is a vivid illustration of the truth that faith doesn’t offer us immunity from poor choice, mistakes and sin. Even Christians, and even those who are pro-life, can get trapped into the experience of abortion.

And Kaylyn’s story also shows many of the harmful consequences which may follow. (Research indicates an increase in drug and alcohol use and abuse, as well as an increased risk of suicide.)

When poor relationship choices led to her pregnancy, abortion began a cycle that threatened her life in several ways, including suicide. So often so much adversity can threaten to kill our faith as well.

But at the center of her healing, is the faithfulness of God.

Today Kaylyn leads an abortion recovery ministry, coming full circle from her young activism for the pro-life cause as a teenager.

Above all this is a story of the mercy of God in Jesus Christ and redemption from the pain of the past.

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From her bio:

Kaylyn Knopp is a graduate of MN Adult and Teen Challenge and experienced healing from her abortion experience through the Conquerors program at New Life Family Services. She now serves as the Conquerors Program Manager and continues to share her story of God’s miraculous healing and redemption.

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