They said her baby would die, so better to abort

Cradle My Heart Today | Eizabeth’s story 9-1-17

Elizabeth’s son, Thomas, was diagnosed with a fatal chromosomal disorder at 22 weeks in utero. Elizabeth told her doctors advised her to abort, as if her child were a cancer. But she refused.

The baby’s prognosis improved, and even though he still had problems at birth, Elizabeth says, “Thomas brought out the best version of me.”

Yet around seven months old, and after many positive doctors’ appointments, sweet Thomas  suddenly passed away.

Today Elizabeth says, “I would not trade the many moments of joy and peace for all of the suffering that came from Thomas’ diagnosis and passing.”

She notes that research shows women who carry to term a baby with a poor prenatal diagnosis, instead of choosing abortion, have a better psychological outcome.

She says the beautiful, although brief, lives of children like Thomas are not meant to be taken before their time with abortion, but to be celebrated.

As difficult as it is to grapple with a life cut short so soon, the truth is only God knows the number of our days.

“You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a minute longer.” (Job 14:5)

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