When Kathy Ireland tweeted back

Advocate for life defends women hurt by abortion

One of the perks of working in media is gaining access to highly successful people–to explore their thinking and have the chance to learn from them. Through the years that’s meant crossing paths with national leaders including President Bill Clinton, music greats like Tina Turner and Dolly Parton (who rubbed my pregnant belly and rightly predicted, “A girl!”), and too many screen stars to mention.

So when #NationalRadioDay rolled around last Sunday I went to the archives for a photo to tweet.

Supermodel, lifestyle mogul, and style icon Kathy Ireland made the cut.

I love this pic. Even though I can’t remember what she said that made me laugh, I recall my questions about appearance and perfection and how she spoke from the heart about the snares of paying too high a price for either.

I admire her above all for her principled defense of life. Kathy has frequently been quoted in national media defending life before birth, making the case from science and DNA evidence.

But in a million years I never expected her to reply! Much less with compassion for women impacted by abortion:


She followed me.

If you are keeping quiet about your pro-life convictions for fear that it may cost you the esteem of family and friends who just may disagree, I encourage you to take a risk. It’s always right to do the right thing when we speak the truth in love.

You just may gain a new follower too.

Kim Ketola



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