Bringing beauty from the pain of abortion

Cradle My Heart Today | Sandy’s story 8-18-17

It all started when another local woman who shared her name was accused of murder. Listen now:

Sandy was working to set the record straight and clear her name when she realized that the two abortions in her past made her no better than one guilty of murder.

She wrote to her local newspaper to share her story, and was shocked to hear back from the many, many women who also silently suffered in shame.

And Sandy determined to help them heal, as she had, through faith in Jesus Christ whether they had chosen abortion or were coerced.

The result is The Life Ballet.

And Sandy says, “It is one way I can honor my children’s lives. It’s the birthday party, graduation party, and wedding event I was never able to throw for them.”

Honoring our the memory of loved ones can take many forms. After abortion, bringing beauty to the world is one of the most healing ways to do so, while sharing comfort for others who also grieve.

Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Listen to our interview with Sandy here.

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Saving lives and healing hearts after abortion one story at a time

Kim Ketola



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