She’s leading young hearts to abolish abortion

Cradle My Heart Today | Kristan’s story 8-17-17

Kristan’s pro-life mission began when she was asked to volunteer at a Pregnancy Center during her sophomore year of high school. Listen now:

After seeing the needs of women up close, she started the first pro-life group at her high school and she also organized her first political protest and events aimed at educating students about abortion.

Education remains at the center of her heart for unborn children as she leads Student For Life of America with nearly a thousand prolife student groups in 49 states.

Kristan says, “The vision is not just reducing the number of abortions–but completely abolishing abortion in our lifetime, through rallying young people, exposing the abortion industry and leading debate.”

That vision is being fulfilled today, as SFLA campus groups affirming life outnumber those advocating for abortion rights by a wide margin.

These students see abortion as a social justice issue–defending unborn life–while showing compassion to women in need of pregnancy support and care through the pregnancy help movement.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”                                                                                                                           Proverbs 31: 8

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