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Cradle My Heart Today | Joyce’s story 8-9-17

Abuse during Joyce’s early childhood meant sexual debut in her early teens. Listen now:

And then, confusion over the church’s message of purity led to Joyce giving up on being able to meet that standard. So, a pregnancy at 15 was quickly ended with abortion, followed by several other abortions in rapid succession.

It wasn’t till Joyce’s seventh abortion broke the cycle that she could face the anger, hurt and betrayal which had fueled and driven the pattern so destructive toward herself and her children.

With the help of a pregnancy resource center Joyce attended an after-abortion Bible study and received the healing and hope she shares with others, as a mother of five today.

Self-condemnation over our shortcomings so often leads us away from God and straight to the abortion business which offers a quick fix. Then compound guilt and shame keeps us bound to the pain of the past.

How beautiful to learn that we are not condemned! Jesus said he came to save and not condemn. A mindset focused on performing and meeting God’s standards can be replaced with the grace of Jesus Christ whose kindness and mercy leads us to repent. And as we do, we see that what God expects is faith, not perfection. He wants our love not our compliance. And after abortion, through faith in the finished work of the cross, we stand forgiven, no matter our number.

God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance. Romans 2:4

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