The better life got after abortion, the more she feared sharing the secret

Cradle My Heart Radio | Paula Ellefson interview airs 8-6-17

Podcast playback. [Program note: in the live portion of the broadcast, the illustration of the “garment of praise” in Isaiah 61:3 was from Dan Mohler.] Listen now:

I will go to my grave with this secret.

When Paula first met the man who would later become her husband, she promised herself that he would never know about her abortion a few years earlier when she was eighteen.

“No one will ever know,” she told herself.

But as so often happens, Paula’s strategy led to fear and isolation as she found herself nurturing that secret instead of risking sharing the truth in her important relationships.

She matured and found faith in Jesus Christ.

She was no longer working in a bar nor seeking the attention of men to try to gain self-esteem and love. In time she was even hired to oversee the children’s ministry at her church.

But the better her life got, the more her secret threatened to bring it all crashing down.

Shame drove fears on every front:

If my husband finds out, he’ll divorce me.

If my parents find out, they’ll disown me.

If my pastors find out, they’ll fire me.

And then God broke through with a simple prompting. It was time to break free from her debilitating shame, and share the truth with those close to her.

Today, as Paula shares her touching story of how those fears were turned to tears of joy, she encourages those still broken over abortion, as she serves in ministry helping those affected by the grief and shame which so often follow in its aftermath.

It’s important to know that a great deal of prayer and discernment went into those conversations, and she’ll share what you need to know before breaking the secret in your past to those who need to know.

Join us for a caring conversation and resources for those who suffer after abortion.

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From her bio:

Paula Ellefson is a wife to Chris, her very supportive husband of 20 years and a mother to 4 boys. She is a Pastor and Director of the preschool ministry at Rochester Assembly of God church; is a counselor at Compassion Counseling Center; oversees a moms group and is involved in other women’s ministries and teaching at her church. She is also a Regional Director and lead facilitator for a Post-Abortion and Post-Miscarriage healing ministry, called Rich In Mercy, to help those affected by abortion/miscarriage.

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